The Energy Saver Home Appliance Guide

Finally….low cost of ownership for energy-efficient appliances

It is perhaps not surprising that energy-efficient appliances typically cost more as manufacturers have projected that saving on your long-term energy use is going to more-than-offset any additional amount of money you are going to fork out. From consumers’ viewpoint, it is only prudent to decide on their worthiness based on the cost perspective. The first factor is the selling price of the appliance and the second factor being the operating costs. With this balanced consideration, we would then be able to qualify that if an appliance is really cost effective in the long haul.

Total cost of ownership

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Dunedin Real Estate – Value and Lifestyle

Dunedin is located in the region of Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand. It is set amongst rugged coastlines and rolling forested hills. It has an enchanting combination of admirable heritage, architectural buildings, a bustling University and scenic vistas. Encouraging the modern culture that has developed in Dunedin, there are numerous art galleries, over 140 cafes, fine hotels and motels which are scattered throughout the city.

Throughout the different suburbs within the city, the real estate of Dunedin is blessed with a plethora of well established family homes, flats and apartments; with construction styles varying from the historical to the Mediterranean and modern design. In other words, Dunedin offers those searching for a suitable property, a wide range of housing options from classic Kiwi homes to condominiums and luxury villas on the beach. The proactive local government provides numerous active leisure services and recreational facilities. There are community sponsored teams in soccer, rugby, netball and soft ball; for both adult and youth divisions. Dunedin, therefore, is an ideal location for outdoors enthusiasts, where biking and hiking trails, public beaches and one of the best marinas in the country are prominently featured. Water front properties can be found along Bay Shore, the Boulevard and Causeway. There are many side streets streaming off the city centre’s main roads, where many other residential areas can be found close to shopping and restaurant amenities.

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