5 Kitchen Appliances Worth Repairing

When kitchen appliances break, you must either buy a new one or have the old appliance fixed. If it costs more to buy a new one, then repair becomes the default option. Some kitchen appliances are more valuable than others due to the services they provide. Listed below are some appliances many must replace or repair immediately in order to have a functioning kitchen.

• Dishwashers

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A Look at a Very Smart Home

It takes a former IBMer to design his own home systems like an IBM mainframe. But, although the concept may initially seem 22nd century, once you give it a bit of thought, designing a home system the way you’d design Big Iron might not so far fetched. I realized this when I visited John Patrick, who retired from running IBM’s Internet business several years ago. He gave me a tour of his suburban home earlier this month. It opened my eyes as to the challenges and opportunities that home systems VARs will face in the coming years as more people demand these sorts of technologies. Not to mention the challenges that all of us face when we try to implement advanced technologies in our homes.

VARs face three big hurdles in delivering well-executed home systems. First, people don’t know what they want, and what they do want isn’t something that most VARs know how to provide. Second, the skill sets that most VARs face are enormous, and finding the right mix of people to deliver a solid solution isn’t easy. Third, the problems aren’t technology, but all about usability and execution. Let’s look at each of these.

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